General Chemistry Lab MU BPH_C_106_L

General Chemistry Lab


  1. The background and systematic qualitative analysis of inorganic mixtures of up to four radicals. Six mixtures to be analyzed, preferably by semi-micro methods.
  2. Identification tests for pharmacopoeial inorganic pharmaceuticals and qualitative tests for cations and anions should be covered (any two) 
  3. Limit Test for Impurities in Pharmaceutical Compounds: Chloride, Sulphate and Iron
  4. Preparation of Selected Inorganic Pharmaceuticals: Potash alum and ferrous oxalate.
  5. Purification of Selected Inorganic Pharmaceuticals: Copper sulphate and ferrous sulphate.


Reference Books:

  1. Svehla G. Vogel’s Textbook of Micro and Semimicro-Qualitative Inorganic Analysis. Orient Longman, Hyderabad. Latest Edition.
  2. Indian Pharmacopoeia. The Indian Pharmacopeia Commission, Central Indian Pharmacopeia Laboratory,Govt. of India. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ghaziabad. Latest Edition.
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