November 29, 2023

Food poisoning symptoms, treatments, medicine Social Pharmacy Notes

Food poisoning symptoms, treatment, medicine Social Pharmacy Notes

Food poisoning: (Acute gastroenteritis)


Ingestion of food and water contaminated either with bacteria and their toxins,

Inorganic substances or poisons derived from plants or animals.

Types of food poisoning :

  1. Chemical food poisoning:
  2. Food poisoning from plants and animals.
  3. Food poisoning by bacteria and their toxins. (Salmonella staphylococcus species etc)

Mode of Transmission:

  1. Ingestion of contaminated food and water.
  2. Attack of many persons at the same time.

Symptoms: similar signs and symptoms in all persons who have taken the same food.

Prevention & Control:

  1. Lab examination of food sample if available.
  2. Animal experimentation can be done by feeding rhesus monkeys with remaining food.
  3. Discard the canned food if you observe the gas formation.
  4. Protection and covering of food during processing and storage.
  5. Refrigeration should be done for the things to be stored overnight.
  6. Food sanitation measures such  as hygiene of cooks and food handlers,inspection of food handlers and meat as well, pasteurization of milk,  and health education should be provided to cooks and food handlers.
  7. Food should be freshly prepared and eaten at the same time.

F Y D Pharm & S Y D Pharm Notes, Books, Syllabus, PDF, Videos

First Year D PharmSecond Year D Pharm
ER20-11T Pharmaceutics TheoryER20-21T Pharmacology Theory
ER20-11P Pharmaceutics PracticalER20-21P Pharmacology Practical
ER20-12T Pharmaceutical Chemistry TheoryER20-22T Community Pharmacy & Management Theory
ER20-12P Pharmaceutical Chemistry PracticalER20-22P Community Pharmacy & Management Practical
ER20-13T Pharmacognosy TheoryER20-23T Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Theory
ER20-13P Pharmacognosy PracticalER20-23P Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Practical
ER20-14T Human Anatomy Physiology TheoryER20-24T Pharmacotherapeutics Theory
ER2014P Human Anatomy Physiology PracticalER20-24P Pharmacotherapeutics Practical
ER20-15T Social Pharmacy TheoryER20-25T Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Theory
ER20-15P Social Pharmacy PracticalER20-25P Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Practical
ER20-26T Pharmacy Law & Ethics

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