September 30, 2023

Flow of fluids Pharmaceutical engineering MCQ with answers

Flow of fluids Pharmaceutical engineering MCQ with answers

Pharm Engg Chapterwise MCQ: UNIT-I MCQ * Flow of fluids * Size reduction * Size separation UNIT-II MCQ *Heat transfer *Distillation *Evaporation UNIT-III MCQ *Drying * Mixing UNIT-IV MCQ * Filtration * Centrifugation * UNIT-V MCQ Materials of construction * Corrosion

Which one of the following is known as fluid?
a. Always expands until it fills in the container
b. Cannot be subjected to shear forces
c. Cannot remain at rest under action of any shear forces
d. Practically compressible

Answer: Cannot remain at rest under action of any shear forces

Which one of the following factors is responsible for frictional factor f, of a rough pipe and turbulent flow?
a. Relative roughness
b. Reynolds number
c. Reynolds number and relative roughness
d. Size of the pipe and the discharge

Answer: Relative roughness

Which one of these instruments is suitable for measuring minute pressure differences in a fluid?
a. Diaphragm pressure gauge
b. Inclined manometer
c. Simple manometer
d. U-tube differential manometer

Answer: Inclined manometer

Which type of head is measured using pitot-tube?
a. Kinetic velocity head
b. Pressure head
c. Static velocity head
d. Total head

Answer: Static velocity head

Which one of the following is NOT covered under the definition of fluids?
a. Gases
b. Liquids
c. Solids
d. Vapour

Answer: Solids

Which one of the properties is responsible for the use of mercury in manometers?
a.  High surface tension
b. High vapour pressure
c.  Low specific gravity
d. Low vapour pressure

Answer: Low vapour pressure

How many liquids are used in differential manometer?
a. Four
b. One
c. Three
d. Two

Answer: Two

Which one of the following experiments are used for the study of the flow of fluids?
a. Bernoulis
b. Orifice meter
c. Reynolds
d. Stokes

Answer: Bernoulis

Reynolds number is indicative of one of the following.
a. Fluid flow type
b. Frictional factor
c. Pumping rate
d. The roughness of the pipe

Answer: Fluid flow type

Reynolds number depends on one of the following factors.
a. Roughness of the pipe
b. The surface area of the pipe
c. The viscosity of the liquid
d. The volume of the liquid

Answer: The Viscosity of the liquid

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