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Effective Writing Skills: Communication skills Practical

Effective Writing Skills: Communication skills Practical


To learn and study effective writing skills.

1. Unified Writing

For effective writing there should be proper prediction and appropriate conclusion and not be any hasty generalization.

a) Uniqueness of the topic – for unified writing there should be one and only one topic.
b) Clarity of thought – The topic generates numerous thoughts in the mind of the writer.
c) Proper transition – An efficient writer groups paragraph in such a fashion that the paragraphs gets linked.
d) Right sense movement – The number of paragraph in which the whole text is divided should depict a sense of movement from the first paragraph to the last paragraph.
e) A feel of novelty – A unified piece of writing generates novelty by making innovation at the levels of ideas and presentation.
f) Generating interest – An efficient writer keeps in mind the fact that his or her text must generate interest in the mind of the reader.
g) Informative content – It collects information and facts keeping in mind the kind of information that reader would be benefited.

2. Coherence

It is another prominent skill of writing. In Writing the text should cohere.
a) Precision – It depends upon the clarity of thinking.
b) Reasoning – It helps in tightening the text.
c) Logic – If the writer sticks to the logic in his or her writing the text remain tightened.
d) Conciseness – It is the matter of expressing something in minimum possible words.
e) Proper generalization – Any Vague generalization impairs the connection and linkage between ideas and statements.
f) Avoiding Repetition – For coherence in the text the writer should note why, when and where she/he is repeating the same idea , though not by the same expression but by expressing it through different expressions
g) Abbreviations and one word substitution – Linguistically the accepted abbreviated forms pertaining to a register and the substitution of a
phrase or a word reduce the length of expressions
h) Punctuation – Proper punctuation tightens the text. Sometimes appropriate punctuations marks substitute for the words and expressions.


Thus effective writing skill was learned and studied

First Year B Pharm Notes, Syllabus, Books, PDF Subjectwise/Topicwise

F Y B Pharm Sem-IS Y B Pharm Sem-II
BP101T Human Anatomy and Physiology I TheoryBP201T Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory
BP102T Pharmaceutical Analysis I TheoryBP202T Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Theory
BP103T Pharmaceutics I TheoryBP203T Biochemistry – Theory
BP104T Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry TheoryBP204T Pathophysiology – Theory
BP105T Communication skills TheoryBP205T Computer Applications in Pharmacy Theory
BP106RBT Remedial BiologyBP206T Environmental sciences – Theory
BP106RMT Remedial Mathematics TheoryBP207P Human Anatomy and Physiology II Practical
BP107P Human Anatomy and Physiology PracticalBP208P Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Practical
BP108P Pharmaceutical Analysis I PracticalBP209P Biochemistry Practical
BP109P Pharmaceutics I PracticalBP210P Computer Applications in Pharmacy Practical
BP110P Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical
BP111P Communication skills Practical
BP112RBP Remedial Biology Practical

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