July 24, 2024

Education Regulations Pharmacy Act

Education Regulations Pharmacy Act

Approval of Institutions or Authorities Providing Courses of Study and Examinations 

1) Application by Institution/Authority to the Central Council: An Institution or Authority, which conducts a course of study or holds an examination for the pharmacist, has to apply to the Central Council for approval of the course or examination.

2) Inspection: Central Council, after receiving such application, depute its inspectors to visit the Institution and ascertain whether the Institution has the prescribed facilities for imparting training or holding the examination in accordance with the Education Regulations or not. Inspectors may also attend any examination, to judge its standards without interfering with its conduct. The Inspectors then report to the Council on the sufficiency or otherwise of the facilities available in the Institution and on the conduct and Standard of the examinations held. 

3) Approval: On the reports of the inspector if the council is satisfied that the course or examination under consideration is in conformity with ER. It may accord approval to it and the said course of examination shall be deemed to be approved for qualifying for registration as a pharmacist under the Act.

4) Declaration: Declaration of approval made by resolutions is passed at a meeting of the Central Council, Published in the official gazette.

Every authority in the states which conducts an approved course of study or holds an approved examination shall furnish such information as the central council may seek, from time to time.