Nikethamide / Coramine

Nikethamide / Coramine

Nikethamide may be a stimulant which mainly affects the respiratory cycle. Widely known by its former brand name of Coramine, it had been utilized in the mid-twentieth century as a medical countermeasure against tranquilizer overdoses, before the arrival of endotracheal intubation and positive-pressure lung expansion. it’s not commonly considered to be useful for such purposes.

In alternate terminology, it’s referred to as niacin diethylamide, which meaningfully emphasizes its laboratory origins, and of which its common name springs as a mix .

Coramine was employed by suspected serial murderer John Bodkin Adams when treating patient Gertrude Hullett, whom he was suspected of murdering. However, the toxicity of nikethamide is sort of low (LD50 rabbits 650 mg/kg oral, LD50 rats 240 mg/kg subcutaneous).

Theodor Morell, Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, would inject the German ruler with Coramine when Hitler was unduly sedated with barbiturates. additionally , Morell would use Coramine as a part of an all-purpose “tonic” for Hitler.

It is available as a short-acting over-the-counter medicine in several South American and European countries, combined with glucose in sort of lozenges. it’s especially useful for mountain climbers to extend endurance at high altitudes. Contraindications include hypertension, cardiovascular pathologies and epilepsy

In some sports, nikethamide is listed by the planet Anti-Doping Agency as a banned substance. Jaime Huélamo was stripped of his trophy at the 1972 Olympic individual cycling road race after testing positive for Coramine. Croatian athlete Marin Čilić was suspended from competition for nine months after he tested positive for nikethamide in April 2013. This ban was later reduced to four months after Cilic appealed and claimed he had unintentionally ingested it during a glucose tablet bought at a pharmacy. Polish kart driver Igor Walilko was given a two-year ban, later reduced to eighteen months, from competition in 2010 thanks to testing positive for nikethamide after a win in Germany in July, 2010


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