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Distillation: Pharmaceutical engineering MCQ with answers

Distillation Pharmaceutical engineering MCQ with answers

Pharm Engg Chapterwise MCQ: UNIT-I MCQ * Flow of fluids * Size reduction * Size separation UNIT-II MCQ *Heat transfer *Distillation *Evaporation UNIT-III MCQ *Drying * Mixing UNIT-IV MCQ * Filtration * Centrifugation * UNIT-V MCQ Materials of construction * Corrosion

Distillation operation involves one of the following steps
a. Vaporization
b. Vaporisation and condensation
c. Vaporisation, condensation and crystallization
d. Vaporisation, condensation, crystallization and drying

Answer: Vaporisation and condensation

The separation of liquid by distillation is based on one of the following principles
a. Boiling point
b. Miscibility
c. Vapor pressure
d. Viscosity

Answer: Vapor pressure

Absolute alcohol is prepared by one of the following methods
a. Azeotropic distillation
b. Simple distillation
c. Steam distillation
d. Vacuum distillation

Answer: Azeotropic distillation

One of the following theories is not applicable to distillation
a. Graham’s law of diffusion
b. Law of conservation of energy
c. Law of conservation of matter
d. Raoult’s law

Answer: Graham’s law of diffusion

Distillation does not involve in one of the following processes
a. Evaporation
b. Extraction
c. Purification
d. Separation

Answer: Extraction

Raoult’s law is applicable to one of the following types of distillation processes
a. Flash distillation
b. Fractional distillation
c. Molecular distillation
d. Simple distillation

Answer: Simple distillation

Which part in the distillation apparatus represents the heat exchanger?
a. Adapter
b. Condenser
c. Receiver
d. Still

Answer: Condenser

Which law satisfies the batch type distillation of binary system for separation
a. Dalton’s law
b. Raoult’s law
c. Rayleigh’s law
d. Stokes law

Answer: Dalton’s law

Which one of the methods is also known as differential distillation?
a. Azeotropic distillation
b. Molecular distillation
c. Simple distillation
d. Steam distillation

Answer: Simple distillation

Which distillation is known as dry distillation?
a. Compressive distillation
b. Destructive distillation
c. Evaporative distillation
d. Steam distillation

Answer: Destructive distillation

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