Cresol with soap solution


IngredientsQty givenQty takenActivity
Cresol I.P500mlDisinfectant
Vegetable oil180gViscosity builder, soap forming agent
Potassium hydroxide42gSoap forming agent
Purified waterq.s to 1000mlVehicle


Vegetable oil (castor oil) was weighed in 100ml conical flask.

Potassium hydroxide was dissolved in water and the solution transferred to the conical flask.

Shaking vigorously the flask was placed on a boiling water bath.

It was stirred continuously till 2 phases were completely soluble.

The hot solution was cooled to room temperature 10ml cresol was added & mixed well and volume made up with water if required.




Store in cool, dry place away from light.

Labeling Direction: 

For external use only.

To be used in the diluted form.

Keep out of reach of Children

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