Computer Lab MU BPH_C_208_L

Computer Lab

No. Details Hours
1. Introduction to Computers. 2
2. History of Computer development and respective generation: Abacus, Napier’s Bones, Slide 5
rule, Pascal’s Calculator. General use of computers in everyday life.


Computer Classification: Mainframe, Mini and Micro Computers, comparison of Analog &
Digital Computers, Hardware and Software. Calculator and Computer
3.1 Operating Systems: Introduction to types of operating systems, UNIX, MS-DOS, etc. RAM, 4
ROM, Virtual Memory etc
3.2 Students should learn on Windows and Linux OS based systems use of basic Windows and 4
Linux commands
4.1 Type of Languages: Conventional languages; their advantages, limitations; C, Pascal, 4
FORTRAN, Programming of these languages
4.2 Students should be taught some programming in BASIC and C 4
5.1 Introduction to Computer Networks: Architecture of seven layers of communications 4
Students should be taken to a computer lab with has a network and shown the basic
5.2 connections and operation of different types of networks. 3
6.1 Introduction to Data Structure: Like Queues, list, trees, Binary trees algorithms, Flow chart, 8
Structured Systems, Analysis and development, Ingress-SQL, Gateways etc. Statistics,
Basic Language: Constants and Variables: Character set, constants, variables,
Naming the variables getting data into memory, LET, INPUT, READ. DATA, Print Statement
Expressions: Arithmetic expression, Hierarchy of operations, Rules of Arithmetic, Evaluation
of expressions, Relational expressions, Logical operations, Library functions
Printer Control: Comma and semicolon control, the TAB function, PRINT, LPRINT
Functions and Subroutines: User defined functions, subroutines, subscripted variables
The above concepts should be introduced practically to students with examples, while working
on a computer system.
7. Computer Graphics: 5
8. Computer applications in pharmaceutical area and in clinical studies 5


  1. Basic Electronics and Computer Applications, Rajiv Khanna, New Age International Publishers
  2. Fundamentals of Computers, V. Rajaraman, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Schaums Outline Series, Theory and Problems of Introduction to Computer Science, Francis Scheid, McGraw Hill Book Co.
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