February 23, 2024

Communication Skills: Introduction, Definition

Communication Skills: Introduction, Definition

Communication skills refer to the ability to effectively convey information, thoughts, and feelings to others through various modes of communication, such as spoken words, written text, body language, and visual aids.

Effective communication skills involve not only the ability to express oneself clearly and confidently but also to listen actively, understand the perspectives of others, and respond appropriately. Good communication skills are essential in both personal and professional settings, as they play a crucial role in building and maintaining relationships, resolving conflicts, negotiating, and influencing others.

Communication skills include verbal communication, which involves using language to convey a message, and nonverbal communication, which includes body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Effective communicators are able to use both verbal and nonverbal communication to convey their message accurately and clearly.

In summary, communication skills are an essential set of skills that enable individuals to effectively interact with others, express themselves, and understand the perspectives of others.

First Year B Pharm Notes, Syllabus, Books, PDF Subjectwise/Topicwise

F Y B Pharm Sem-IS Y B Pharm Sem-II
BP101T Human Anatomy and Physiology I TheoryBP201T Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory
BP102T Pharmaceutical Analysis I TheoryBP202T Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Theory
BP103T Pharmaceutics I TheoryBP203T Biochemistry – Theory
BP104T Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry TheoryBP204T Pathophysiology – Theory
BP105T Communication skills TheoryBP205T Computer Applications in Pharmacy Theory
BP106RBT Remedial BiologyBP206T Environmental sciences – Theory
BP106RMT Remedial Mathematics TheoryBP207P Human Anatomy and Physiology II Practical
BP107P Human Anatomy and Physiology PracticalBP208P Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I Practical
BP108P Pharmaceutical Analysis I PracticalBP209P Biochemistry Practical
BP109P Pharmaceutics I PracticalBP210P Computer Applications in Pharmacy Practical
BP110P Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Practical
BP111P Communication skills Practical
BP112RBP Remedial Biology Practical

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