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Chlorobutanol Synthesis

Shikimic Acid Pathway is a metabolic pathway that is found in plants, fungi, and some bacteria

Chlorobutanol Synthesis

BP607P Medicinal Chemistry III Practical: I Preparation of drugs Sulphanilamide * 7-Hydroxy, 4-methyl coumarin * Chlorobutanol * Triphenyl imidazole * Tolbutamide * Hexamine II Assay of drugs Isonicotinic acid hydrazide * Chloroquine * Metronidazole * Dapsone * Chlorpheniramine maleate * Benzyl penicillin III Microwave irradiation technique Synthesis of Phenytoin by Microwave * Synthesis of Aspirin by Microwave IV Drawing structures and reactions using chem draw®


To Prepare and submit chlorbutanol from acetone and calculate the Percentage Yield.


Chlorbutanol is also known as Chloroketone. It is a trichloro derivative of tertiary butyl alcohol.
It is prepared by combination with acetone and chloroform in the presence of solid potassium hydroxide Chlorobutanol is used as local anaesthetic in dental preparation and also antiseptic.


Synthesis of Chlorbutanol

Chemical Required:

Chloroform – 11 ml
Potassium hydroxide – 1 gm
Acetone – 14 ml


About 11 ml of chloroform and 1 gm of solid potassium hydroxide are taken in a round bottom flask shake until the potassium hydroxide dissolves.
To this 14 ml of acetone was added and shaken for 15 minutes.
Then set aside for half an hour and crystal of chlorbutanol was separated out.

Melting Point: 95oC – 99oC


Local anaesthetics


Chlorbutanol was Prepared and submitted and reported the following

  1. Theoretical Yield =
  2. Practical Yield =
  3. Percentage yield =

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