Biochemistry MCQ

Biochemistry MCQ

Metabolism, Catabolism, Anabolism:

Glycolysis Introduction and Significance:

Glycolysis, EM Pathway, MEP Pathway:

MCQ Carbohydrates
Part 1:

MCQ Metabolism of Carbohydrates:
Part 1:
Part 2:

MCQ Proteins
Part 1:

MCQ Pathology of blood and urine MCQ
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Part 3:
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Biochemistry deals with a complete understanding of the molecular levels of the
chemical process associated with living cells. The scope of the subject is providing
biochemical facts and the principles to understand the metabolism of nutrient molecules in
physiological and pathological conditions. It is also emphasizing the genetic organization
of the mammalian genome and hetero & autocatalytic functions of DNA.

UNIT I 08 Hours
 Biomolecules
Introduction, classification, chemical nature, and biological role of
carbohydrate, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins.
 Bioenergetics
Concept of free energy, endergonic and exergonic reaction, Relationship
between free energy, enthalpy, and entropy; Redox potential.
Energy-rich compounds; classification; biological significances of ATP
and cyclic AMP

UNIT II 10 Hours
 Carbohydrate metabolism
Glycolysis – Pathway, energetics, and significance
Citric acid cycle- Pathway, energetics, and significance
HMP shunt and its significance; Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase
(G6PD) deficiency
Glycogen metabolism Pathways and glycogen storage diseases (GSD)
Gluconeogenesis- Pathway and its significance
Hormonal regulation of blood glucose level and Diabetes mellitus
 Biological oxidation
Electron transport chain (ETC) and its mechanism.

UNIT III 10 Hours
 Lipid metabolism
β-Oxidation of saturated fatty acid (Palmitic acid)

UNIT IV 10 Hours
 Nucleic acid metabolism and genetic information transfer
Biosynthesis of purine and pyrimidine nucleotides
Catabolism of purine nucleotides and Hyperuricemia and Gout disease
Organization of mammalian genome
Structure of DNA and RNA and their functions
DNA replication (semi-conservative model)
Transcription or RNA synthesis
Genetic code, Translation or Protein synthesis and inhibitors

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