Biochemistry Lab MU BPH_C_207_L

Biochemistry Lab


  1. Qualitative tests for carbohydrates and confirmatory tests by ozasone formation
  2. Qualitative test and simple color reactions for amino acids and proteins. Precipitation reactions of proteins.
  3. Chromatographic separation of amino acids.
  4. Quantitative estimation of glucose (Willstaters and Lane & Eynon’s methods). Estimation of sucrose. Colorimetric estimation of glucose.
  5. Quantitative estimation of proteins by Biuret method and Folin method (one titrimetry and one by colorimetry)
  6. Estimation of enzyme activity – ptyline (amylase) in saliva and alkaline phosphatase (including plotting of data to determine Km and Vmax for any one of these enzymes)
  1. Quantitative estimation of properties of lipids – acid value, iodine value, saponification value.
  2. Quantitative estimation of RNA and DNA.
  3. Demonstrations of estimation of blood glucose, SGOT or SGPT using commercial kits (suggest that students should volunteer for fasting and post prandial glucose determinations)
  1. Demonstration of isolation of DNA.


  1. An Introduction to Practical Biochemistry – Plummer D.T., Tata Mcgraw Hill, N Delhi, India
  2. Laboratory Manual In Biochemisty, Jayaraman J, Wiley Easter, N Delhi. India
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