Biochemistry II MU BPH_C_202_T

Biochemistry II

No. Details Hours
1 Carbohydrate metabolism discussed with respect to the structures of 20
intermediates, enzymes and cofactors, energy yield/requirements and regulation.
Examples of drugs modulating carbohydrate metabolism.
1.1 Glycolysis (Embden Meyerhoff Pathway), TCA cycle (Kreb’s Cycle, Citric acid 08
Cycle) and glyoxalate shunt. Entry of sugars other than glucose into glycolytic
pathway. Discussion of shuttle systems to transfer NADH to the mitochondria.
1.2 Electron Transport Chain discussed with respect to the components of the ETC, 04
explanation of oxidative phosphorylation vs substrate level phosphorylation.
Discussion of proton motive force and generation of ATP using proton gradients.
Discussion of uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation.
1.3 Discussion of pentose phosphate pathway, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, 08
gluconeogenesis and other systems involved in carbohydrate metabolism
2 Lipid metabolism discussed with respect to the structures of intermediates, 18
enzymes and cofactors involved, energy yield/requirements and regulation.


2.1 Beta oxidation pathway for catabolism of saturated and unsaturated even number 08
fatty acids, catabolism of odd number carbon containing fatty acids, formation of
ketone bodies
2.2 Acetate mevalonate pathway to cholesterol biosynthesis, 04
2.3 Biosynthesis of fatty acids, prostaglandins, leukotrienes and phospholipids. 04
2.4 Examples of drugs modulating lipid/cholesterol metabolism. 02
3 Nucleic Acid Metabolism discussed with respect to the structures of 10
intermediates, enzymes and cofactors, energy yield/requirements and regulation
3.1 Discussion of biosynthesis of purines. 04
3.2 Discussion of biosynthesis of pyrimidines. 02
3.3 Salvage pathways for nucleic acid metabolism. Examples of drugs modulating 04
purine/pyrimidine biosynthesis.



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