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Balanced diet

Balanced diet

 A balanced diet is such a diet that contains different types of foods in correct amounts and proportions so that body demand for amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, other nutrients and energy demand of the body is sufficient; so that promotion, protection and maintenance of health is done.

Composition of a balanced diet:                                                            

It varies with age, sex, physical activity performed by a person and physiological state as pregnancy, lactation, etc. It ideally should contain all nutrients in “recommended daily allowance” (RDA) amounts.


The dietary constituents are:


Amino acids, 





Fibres and water; 

All in adequate amounts design a balanced diet. (Cereals, pulses, leafy vegetables, roots, tuber, sugar, jaggery, milk, fat, oil, meat, fish and fruit) 


1) Keep your body healthy. 

2) Avoids nutrient deficiency diseases. 

3) Prevents ill effects of hyper-intake of diet constituents. 

4) Protects the body in an energy crisis for a certain period at least.

5) It promotes the health of all individuals of different age groups, different sex, etc. 

6) It helps to increase immunity so as to protect the body against infections.

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