September 30, 2023

Study of Anti-Ulcer Activity of a Drug Using Pylorus Ligation (Shay) Ray Model

Study of Anti-Ulcer Activity of a Drug Using Pylorus Ligation (Shay) Ray Model


Peptic ulcer is one of the most prevalent gastrointestinal disorders. The aim of the present study is to demonstrate the pylorus lagan (SHAY) rat model. This was first demonstrated by Shay in 1945. Ligation of rat pylorus results gastric acid leads to acute gastric ulcers. This procedure is used to screen the drugs for their anti-secretary and antiulcer activity.


Animals: Albino Wister rats of 150-250g are selected for the study. Drugs: Ether (anesthetic), Ranitidine 20mg/ kg, P.o, 0.9% normal saline

Reagents: 0.1N NaOH, Phenenolphthalin, Toper’s reagent,

Instruments: Dissecting microscope (10X magni-cation lens), Burette, P meter, Surgical instruments.


Pyloric ligation method:

Fasted the albino rats 24 hours before the experiment.

Then administer the reference drug and control vehicle before 1 hour of pylorus ligation.

Then anesthesia given to animal with ether.

Then open the abdomen by small midline incision below the diploid process.

Then stomach pylori portion was lighted without causing damage to blood vessels, then stomach was isolated and abdominal wall was sealed with sutures.

After 48hours of ligation, stomach was ,dissected out and collected the contents into the clean tubes.

The volume , pH and total, acid content of juice were certrifused, filtered and titrated for estimation of total acidity. Then number of ulcers were based on following below formula.


Ui = UN + Us + Up × 10-1


Ui = ulcer index

UN = average number of ulcers per animal Us = Average no. Of severity score

Up = Percentage of animal a with ulcers

Percentage inhibition of ulceration was ,calculated and compared with standard or control.


Comparison of ulcer index between study groups estimates the potency of antiulcer activity of test drug. Decrease in volume and total acidity determines anti- secretary activity of test drug and rise in P evaluates acid naturalizing action of the drug.

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