Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology I MU BPH_C_103_T

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology I

No. Details Hours
1. Brief introduction to human body and organization of human body 1
2. Structural and functional characteristics of following tissues 2
1) Epithelial
2) Connective
3) Nervous
4) Muscle
3. Detailed structure of cell membrane and trans-membrane movement of substances 2
4. Components and functions of lymphatic system 4
Lymphatic organs and tissues
Organization of lymph vessels
Formation and flow of lymph
5. Pathophysiology of following diseases 6
Autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis, Grave’s disease, Myasthenia
Gravis, Rheumatic fever)
Hypersensitivity and types of hypersensitivity reactions.
7. Haematology 10
Composition of blood
Functions of blood elements
Erythropoiesis and life cycle of RBC.
Synthesis of Haemoglobin
Immunity: Basics and Types
Coagulation of blood
Blood groups
8. Pathophysiology of following diseases 5
Anaemias – Types of anaemias
Polycythemia : Physiological and polycythemia vera
6. Basic mechanism involved in the process of inflammation and repair. 7
Alteration in vascular permeability and blood flow.
Migration of WBC
Acute and chronic inflammation
Brief outline of the process of repair.
9. Structure and properties of following muscles 11
Cardiac muscles
Smooth muscles
Skeletal muscles
•   Neuromuscular transmission and contraction of skeletal muscle
•   Energy metabolism in the muscle
•   Types of muscle contractions
Muscle tone



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