Birth Control Reminder Apps

Birth Control Reminder Apps

Let’s discuss various birth control reminder app in this article

Various apps are available in Marketplace for taking care of Birth control which includes

  1. myPill by Bouqt
  2. Besider Reminder App

myPill by Bouqt

myPill by Bouqt

myPill is an app for women that reminds to use pill, patch or ring contraceptive with a very flexible configuration support and attractive, realistic user interface.

myPill is translated into 24 languages and has over 250,000 active female users worldwide with over 8000 ratings of 4.8 stars on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Thanks to the nagging snooze, the user is kept being reminded until she uses her contraception, making sure that every pill is taken on time. It automatically stops reminders when a pack is finished for as many break days configured, then restarts when a new pack starts.

The Protection screen always lets the user know if you’re protected, shows daily pill taking time and if a pill was taken late.

Prediction of six months forward allows to plan a vocation without having it accidentally fall over the days of period. History tracker logs every event and allows keeping daily self-notes, which comes out very useful when visiting the doctor. The Planner reminds to do the yearly physical examination, buy more pill packs, keep a copy of the prescription or even to track the number of packs left in the medicine cabinet.

On the Calendar tab, user may write self-notes per day, then view the history of packs start date, missed pills, self-notes and more. This may be useful when having an appointment with the gynaecologist – you have a log of past events available at the palm of your hands.

Planner can be used to remind buying a new pack or pills, take a prescription from the doctor, do your yearly checkups, keep track of pills packs stored at the medicine cabinet and more.

myPill is available with basic functionality for free at Apple’s App Store, with extended features that can be enabled for $3.99.

myPill by Bouqt features

Makes sure you’ll NEVER miss a pill ever again.

With myPill you can truly be free of worries. You’ll love it.


myPill knows when to remind and when you’re on a break.


If you want, it will keep reminding you until you’ve taken your pill.


Let’s you know how protected you are, according to your pill-taking history.


Take notes, track symptoms. Your doctor will love you.


Plan your vacation according to your period, which makes it easy to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Reminds you to buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly checkups, store your prescription, or anything.

myPill by Bouqt Use

It reminds you to use your contraception at the specified time a day, stopping reminders automatically on the seven days of period and rescheduling automatically when the subsequent pack starts. It shows you high-resolution realistic pills pack graphics, also provides a monthly view of your pills.

You can use it to plan your schedule a half year forward by swiping your finger over a pack to ascertain subsequent pack dates – in this manner, you’ll easily tell when your period starts and plan trips and events accordingly.

Use the built-in notes taker to write down questions you would like to ask your doctor or gynecologist and consider past events by using the History tab.

myPill by Bouqt website

myPill by Bouqt review:

AMAZING!!! by GDiaz0118Reminders are always on time. I love the organization

Couldn’t live without this app!! by eniloracesorThis app honestly saves my life when I travel. It automatically recognizes when I change time zones and alerts me when I need to take my pill at the correct time. It’s a great way for me to keep track of everything going on, even beyond my period and pull usage. I track when I’m intimate and when I have hormonal days and there are ways to customize with emoji icons anything else you’d like to track. I don’t use the forum much but it seems like a good resource.

Love love love by panda112267214215268I love this app! 10/10 recommend to anyone who just needs that extra reminder! It even can remind you to drink water and changes the time automatically when you’re in a different time zone.

I love this app but…. by mfdizobI’ve been using this app for the past 4 years. It’s great a for remind you when to take your pill but when I go and log in my symptoms on the calendar and make a note when my period started and ended, somehow every time after two weeks all the data erases. Idk if this is a glitch but it would be nice if you guys can fix it so I can keep track of my symptoms and my period. Thank you!

Besider Reminder App

Besider Reminder App

Besider Reminder App Overview

Life can get busy. or even you only have tons on your mind. There are many reasons why you would possibly want help remembering your contraception. That’s why our new app reminds pill, patch, ring, and shot users to remain on top of their method


Remembering the pill, patch, ring, or shot just got tons easier. Our reminders will tell you when to use it and when your refill is due. But these aren’t plain reminders that will bore you. Oh, no. These are funny, cheeky, entertaining reminders you’ll actually want to receive.

Besider Reminder App Overview

Set the day and time once you want to receive your reminders.

Supports those on the pill, patch, ring, and shot.

Hit snooze if you would like to recollect at a later time.

Schedule appointment reminders when it’s time to ascertain your provider.

Besider Reminder App Reviews

i love this app. i like the little messages in the reminders. i use a Google pixel 3 with no problems. not sure why the bad reviews

This is a great way to get my daily reminder to take the pill, way less obvious and obnoxious than when I used my phone’s alarm. The one improvement I would love would be an option to have notifications stop for my week off, so I don’t have to think about if I’m starting my new pack on the right day.

Besider Reminder App website

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