Telemedicine to provide advanced care teleconsultations : Tattvan

India’s leading telemedicine start-up Tattvan is ready to expand its presence in major districts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh . Tattvan will launch its new e-clinics in districts of Kairakat, Balrampur, Phoolpur, Sonbhadraand Banaras in Uttar Pradesh and in Malsisar district in Rajasthan.

Tattvan is India’s first-of-its-kind telemedicine company that established a widespread telemedicine business with its ‘brick & mortar’ model to supply diagnosis , prompt cure, right guidance, and best consultancy to the people of the Tier-2, Tier 3 cities and little towns.

The idea behind this expansion drive is to facilitate multi-specialty level healthcare opinion accessible to the people residing in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, small towns and other rural areas. Residents can access the great and holistic healthcare solutions from the comfort of their hometowns, without having to travel anywhere, including teleconsultations and first to advanced healthcare.

Speaking about the expansion, Ayush Mishra, CEO, Tattvan e-clinics said, “The launch of each new Tattvan e-clinic takes us one step closer to fulfilling our aim of primary health care coverage across tier-2 and tier-3 cities and therefore the rural India. We at Tattvan are focused on advanced care teleconsultations and second medical opinion concentrating on small cities and parts of rural India. the thought is to enable the patient and his family avail the advance care opinion from the simplest of the specialist across the country from the comfort of their homes without having to travel across the large cities and waiting in que for the appointments. It allows for better patient care, provide the logistic comfort to the patient’s family also . The patient can then comfortably move to the large city for the in-person treatment only and if required saving time in travel and spending longer in quality care.”

With this expansion drive, Tattvan aims to boost awareness about its services and also how telemedicine is an efficient alternative for those that cannot afford to visit big cities whenever there’s a requirement to consult doctors. With the help of Tattvan’s telemedicine platform, residents will now be ready to receive the medical advice from healthcare professionals and doctors practicing in a number of the highest hospitals nearby at a reduced cost.

Tattvan’s telemedicine healthcare clinics aim to attach a number of the world’s best medical aid to remote locations most in need of quality healthcare.

The poor primary healthcare facilities in remote cities across India, Afghanistan etc has been some extent of much concern over the past a few years . Tattvan is putting its best foot forward towards solving this example through its branded telemedicine clinics that connect doctors from world class hospitals to patients at the e-clinics.

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