Canine osteoarthritis : Elanco Animal Health & Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation, a pacesetter in advancing animal health, is partnering with Elanco Animal Health Incorporated to raised understand the incidence and prevalence of osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs using data generated by the Foundation’s retriever Lifetime Study.

Osteoarthritis is one among the foremost common causes of chronic pain in dogs, affecting approximately 14 million adult dogs within the us alone. Most dogs are in their senior years before they’re diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but problems likely start much earlier.

“This is a crucial issue in canine health, and that we are excited to be partnering with Elanco Animal Health to raised understand osteoarthritis and improve treatment of this debilitating condition,” said Tiffany Grunert, president and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “Though the retriever Lifetime Study was designed primarily as a cancer study, its rich data set gives us the chance to research many other canine health problems. Partnerships like these help us cash in of these opportunities and expand the impact of the Study.”

Elanco is sponsoring a replacement section of the owner and veterinarian questionnaires that directly evaluates signs of osteoarthritis. Elanco’s sections include the Canine Osteoarthritis Staging Tool (COAST) and Liverpool Osteoarthritis in Dogs Index (LOAD) tools that help within the diagnosis of the disease. The questions cover topics like a dog’s walking gait, sitting posture and interest in exercise. Veterinarians also are going to be asked to assess each Study dog’s range of motion, palpate joints and take radiographs as required .

“We know the simplest outcomes for osteoarthritis are related to early intervention, but early detection are often difficult,” said Dr. Ken Kwochka, Director of Elanco’s US Pet Health Veterinary group. “We are excited for this chance to figure with Morris Animal Foundation, to assist us build the tools necessary to enhance our ability to diagnose and monitor dogs with the condition.”

The retriever Lifetime Study is one among the most important , most comprehensive prospective canine health studies within the us , with quite 3,000 dogs enrolled. Each year, with the assistance of veterinarians and dog owners, the inspiration collects questionnaire data and biological samples from all enrolled golden retrievers to raised understand the nutritional, lifestyle, genetic and environmental risk factors for the event of cancer and other diseases.

Morris Animal Foundation’s mission is to bridge science and resources to advance the health of animals. Headquartered in Denver, and founded in 1948, it’s one among the most important nonprofit animal health research organizations within the world, funding quite $136 million in critical studies across a broad range of species.

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated may be a global leader in animal health dedicated to innovating and delivering products and services to stop and treat disease in livestock and pets, creating value for farmers, pet owners, veterinarians, stakeholders, and society as an entire .

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