Affordable and innovative medicines by Lupin Ltd

The Indian pharmaceutical major Lupin Limited is getting to launch Nepexto biosimilar etanercept across European markets and therefore the company are going to be filing Pegfilgrastim during this fiscal to stay advancing its robust biosimilars pipeline.

The company’s mission is to enable patients’ access to affordable and innovative medicines.

“Our Q2 US numbers were better than expected. we’ve sustained generic sales within the US with the exception of Q1FY ‘21 thanks to demand softening of our retail products thanks to COVID also as our recall of metformin products. Since then, we’ve successfully relaunched glumetza, our lead metformin product and have stabilized the bottom business,” stated Alok Sonig, CEO – US generics and global head generics R&D & biosimilars at Lupin Limited.

Sonig added that the new launches of gProAir, gApriso, gVimovo, and gTykerb will accelerate growth momentum within the quarters to return .

The company stated that it’s signed an agreement with ForDoz Pharma to plug and distribute 2 complex injectable assets within the US. These assets are in already advanced stages of development. the 2 assets are within the oncology and anti-infective therapeutic areas.

The company stated that it’ll leverage existing commercial infrastructure for commercializing these limited-competition assets.

The company has also ramped up albuterol supply since its launch in September, especially given the availability disruption caused by a competitor’s product recall.

Sonig said that Lupin will still build up quarter-on-quarter and is committed to accelerating access to its product for patients in need.

“In the last fiscal, we invested nearly 10% of our revenue into research & development. at the present , our R&D spend as a percentage of sales is around 9%. Within subsequent three years, we are envisioning optimizing this at 8%. With our R&D centres of excellence, across 5 unique platforms, we are really excited about the longer term of our pipeline,” said Sonig.

Lupin Limited is an Indian multinational drug company based in Mumbai. it’s one among the most important generic pharmaceutical companies by revenue globally. The company’s key focus areas include paediatrics, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, diabetology, asthma and anti-tuberculosis.

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