Trichoderma fungi produced substance for Wound healing

Researchers from the Department of Biochemistry of RUDN University developed a wound-healing gel supported a substance that’s produced by Trichoderma fungi. The results of the study were published within the Nov.-Dec. 2020 issue Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy journal.

The best thanks to treat skin damage is to accelerate cell regeneration using ointments with different active ingredients like metabolic products of microorganisms. Fungi, bacteria, and other organisms produce antibiotics, enzymes, growth promoters, vitamins, and amino acids, and scientists are always trying to find ways to show them into medicinal drugs. one among these useful substances is L-lysine-oxidase produced by Trichoderma fungi. A team of researchers from RUDN University developed a technology to include this enzyme into a wound-healing gel. the tactic doesn’t require expensive purification of the initial biological liquids and thus is economically feasible.

Based on the results of earlier studies, the team chose the optimal active ingredient concentration of 1%. When selecting additional components for the gel, the scientists followed a group of rules. the bottom of the gel had to match the active ingredient, support the activity of L-lysine-oxidase, secure easy application and storage, and cause no irritation. Following these principles, the team chose and tested three base options: methylcellulose, carbopol, and mARS.

The experiment was conducted on nine adult guinea pigs divided into groups of three. The skin of the animals was mechanically damaged, and 18 hours then the team started the treatment. Each animal was treated with one among the three sorts of gel for 2 weeks. the merchandise supported methylcellulose demonstrated the worst results with wounds healing for 9 to 10 days on the average . the simplest results were registered within the group that received the carbopol-based gel: the injuries of the animals healed after 6 to 7 days.

“Based on the results of the experiment, we will confirm that 1% carbopol-based gel with the culture liquid of Trichoderma has advanced wound-healing properties. subsequent stage for us are going to be a pre-clinical trial. The new pharmaceutical form might be utilized in medicine to treat wounds, viral skin infections, and ocular herpes. Moreover, it could find application in medical cosmetology, gynecology, and carcinoma therapy,” added Prof. Irina Smirnova from RUDN University.

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