Pharmacy Symbols Part 3: Show Globe

Pharmacy Symbol: Show Globe

It is a symbol of Pharmacy recognised in 17th Century in England while United States has adopted it in 20th century
The symbol contains glass vessel with different size and shape and full of different colourful liquid. It is known to be a landmark for different drug store or apothecary identification mark for illiterate peoples. Show globes were mostly observed in English speaking countries
There is also theory called “spotlight” in which red light indicates the city has some kind of problems associated with health while Green light indicates Healthy Welcome in the place
The first written evidence of Show Globe as a pharmacy symbols was observed in 1755 in a letter written by German visitor in his London visit
The globes can be differentiated in two different types
• Freestanding Globes: They are generally vary in shape often with a glass stopper. It is also observed with multiple channels
• Wall mounted / hanging Globes: Generally hanged by Brass chain or On a support arm attached to wall
In early 20th Century few modifications were observed in Show Globes, where electric bulb was introduced in the globe to illuminate it

2. Show Globes. University of Arizona College of Pharmacy Museum, 2010

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Team Pharmacy Infoline

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