Pharmacy Symbols Part 2: Rod of Asclepius

Rod of Asclepius
Rod of Asclepius

Pharmacy Symbol: Rod of Asclepius


It is the internationally recognised symbol of medicine. According to Greek Mythology Staff of Asclepius is also called as Rod of Ascepius. The symbol is also associated with Medicine and Health care. The symbol is used now-a-days also still it is frequently confused with the staff of the god Hermes

Large number of Organisations are using the same symbol or part of the symbol in their logos which includes

  • Asia : Medical Council of India, Malaysian Medical Council
  • Australia : Australian Medical Association, Australian Veterinary Association
  • Canada : Canadian Medical Association, Royal Canadian Medical Service
  • Europe : Finnish Medical Association, British Medical Association
  • South Africa : South African Military Health Service
  • United States : American Academy of Physician Assistants, American Medical Association
  • Worldwide : Medical Protection Society, World Health Organization


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Team Pharmacy Infoline

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