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Differentiated injectables are the need of the hour.

We want to take the world from pain to pain-free parenterals through dedicated work on creating innovations. Emal the first in the world injectable medicine against critical malaria, Etojet – the world’s first painless Etrocoxib injection and a first of it’s kind injectable Diclofenac Sodium for pain relief, are all a result of the pursuit of ideas taken to their full potential. Our aim is to make disease management easier and painless for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Platform technology driven by crucial focus areas
Themis Platform Technology driven by crucial focus areas.
We develop injectables through our platform technology. The key focus areas are

Suspension to clear solution with ease of handling and reducing time for preparation
Lyophilized powder to ready to infuse solutions with extended drug stability
Oily injectables to oil free formulations to reduce pain on administration

Innovations in differentiated injectables and beyond
We are well-known for both formulations and API’s. Area of our innovation and research includes

Health and Nutrition
Pain Management

R&D Breakthroughs

Research into differentiated injectables

The reason we have a series of success in differentiated is our platform technology. It has led to vastly improved ramp up times to develop innovations. This is further aided by our committed focus on pain free injectables. Our aim is to make our products safe and stable with clear benefits to healthcare professional.

Here’s a list of breakthroughs that have made inroads in the industry.

Anti malarial – αβ Arteether- Original Research Molecule

  • Safe, effective and convenient drug for treating P. falciparum malaria
  • Injectable formulation for critical management
  • Short course –once a day for 3 days
  • Intramuscular administration- can be used in outpatient department


  • Diclofenac Sodium injection-75mg per ml, Low volume, less pain at the site of injection, ease of administration and ease of syrigibility, better patient compliance.
  • Etoricoxib injection-Long acting once a day therapy, less painful
  • Aceclofenac injection-Less pain at the site of injection, ease of administration and ease of syrigibility

Hormonal Delivery
Progesterone injection- Oil free injection, less viscous, less painful, better syringibility, ease of administration and better patient compliance
Methylprednisolone injection & Triamcinolone injection with following benefits

  • Clear solution for injection instead of suspension
  • No chances of clog in syringe & needles leads to better syringibility
  • Quick & easy administration
  • Relatively less pain at the site of injection
  • No crystal formation due to clear solution for injection
  • Less drug waste
  • Provides compliance in dosing

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