Indian Internet Pharmacy Association (IIPA) : Online Vs Offline Pharmacy Debate

Indian Internet Pharmacy Association (IIPA) is calling for clear message to understand the advantages of Online Pharmacy space in India. Seeking the latest discussions and debate on Online Pharmacies in India, various online pharmacy retailers came together to form Indian Internet Pharmacy Association (IIPA)

IIPA has urged government to provide the clear guidelines for the ePharmacy model so that they can seek the model development. The level field for all players should be same and and should not be biased is one of the demand of IIPA to Government

The ePharmacy model have some advantages:

  • Entire system is well documented and can be traced easily at anytime any place is one of the biggest advantage of the system
  • Regulators can easily track the fake medicine based on the access given to them or based on the sales and supply record
  • The model is also useful for Pharmacovigilance or Monitoring of Pharmaceuticals for various reasons
  • Online Pharmacy are also useful for the Customers Physically not able to visit Pharmacy
  • It also provides the details about each and every product which is not always possible with conventional Pharmacy shop

Since last few months, facing problems related to Regulations of the Act, Unwanted circumstances because of lack of transparency in the space. Prashant Tandon, president of Indian Internet Pharmacy Association (IIPA) said, online sale of medicines is not illegal needs to be cleared.

Health ministry have appointed a subcommittee under the Heading of Harshdeep Kamble, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration commissioner for formulating the guidelines for Online Pharmacies or ePharmacy model.

The investors in the area are also waiting for the clear guidelines. The expected market opportunity in the sector $3 billion. At present, around 30-35 online pharmacies are working with around $90 million

The online pharmacies are claiming the compliance under the Digital platform govern by IT act 2000

Some of the ePharmacy in India:









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Manisha Badhe-Chaudhari
Presently, She is working as a Principal, SES’s Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma), Bhivpuri Raod, Maharshtra
Manisha Badhe-Chaudhari

Manisha Badhe-Chaudhari

Presently, She is working as a Principal, SES's Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma), Bhivpuri Raod, Maharshtra

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