Pharmaceutical Organisations Part I : All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN)



All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN): Toward People oriented, rational drug policy

All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN) is an independent network of several non government organizations working to increase access and improve the rational use of essential medicines.
AIDAN is working towards a world where all people, especially the poor and disadvantaged are able to exercise their human right to health, which requires equitable access to affordable quality health care and essential medicines.
AIDAN and its partners recognize that poverty and social injustice are the greatest barriers to health and sustainable development. Partners are working for just societies where people can participate equitably in all decision making that affects their health and well being, including the allocation of resources.
AIDAN works:
 To promote the essential medicines concept, that fewer than 350 medicines are necessary to treat more than 90% of health problems requiring medicines.
 To increase access to these essential medicines and ensuring that they are available at affordable prices when treatment is needed, especially for the poor.
 For greater transparency in all aspects of decision making around pharmaceuticals, for example, by reducing industry secrecy and control over important clinical data.
 To promote the rational use of medicines: that all medicines marketed should meet real medical needs, have therapeutic advantages, be acceptably safe and offer value for money.
 For better controls on drug promotion and the provision of balanced, independent information for prescribers and consumers





Team Pharmacy Infoline


Team Pharmacy Infoline

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